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Pay it forward

Non-Indigenous people have the opportunity to donate towards the purchasing of items from the Numbuh collection. This means that Indigenous dance troupes and performers (dancers, actors, musicians) who already experience barriers, racism and culturally unsafe spaces within the "australian" arts industry, can have an easier access to these wearable artworks. Paying it forward fosters a deeper connection to Indigenous peoples and Country and the return of communal societies. The Numbuh collection is my way of honouring my ancestors and to empower the continued resistance and resilience of my Indigenous elders, siblings and children today.

Why should you pay it forward? It gives action to those who are interested in "paying the rent" as non-Indigenous occupiers of stolen lands, waters, sky and resources. Beyond conversations about reconciliation and being an ally, paying it forward allows you to demonstrate what an ally with means is and does. When we nurture from the grassroots up, we can rebuild forests.

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Pay it forward

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