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wearable art

Numbuh is an ongoing collection of wearable artworks. A fusion of ancient stories and Blak futurism, aimed to reconnect Indigenous performers to Country, culture, kin and traditional methods of storytelling. Numbuh consists of performance and/or traditional attire made largely from sustainable/ethically sourced natural materials and fiber processing methods. Each piece is custom made exclusively for Indigenous performers and traditional dance troupes.


Bindimu was a recipient of the Create NSW Arts and Cultural funding assisting in the financing of the creation of the Numbuh exhibition (September 2023). A culmination of 34 individual pieces, the artworks were presented and modeled by six Indigenous performers in a runway style exhibition at Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Numbuh at boomalli
september 2023.


  • Lone Goat Gallery (NSW), Jul 6 - Aug 17 2024

past exhibits

  • OuterSpace Window Gallery, Nov 8 -  Dec 10 2023

  • Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery, Sep 23 - Oct 6 2023

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