Buninj | Echidna Quill Shell Earrings
  • Buninj | Echidna Quill Shell Earrings


    Simplistic earrings featuring Echidna (Buninj) quills collected on Minyangbal country and Moon Shells (Naticdae) that were collected on Gugu Yalanji country. These quills and shells are ethically sourced therefore are limited pieces (for the moment).


    One Echidna can have up to thousands of quills on its back! Of 3 different Echidna, I received about 500 quills to make these pieces. Each of those quills have been individually ground down on rock by hand to ensure perfection.

    This process takes hours on end but can be very therapeutic!

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    Please email for any questions on returns and refunds.


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