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Full Moon Releasing ceremony

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

An interpretation by Bindimu

For centuries, First Nations peoples have honed and performed sacred moon ceremonies and rituals. These rituals were practiced as offerings to Spirit, the Creator and to our placid and powerful Moon.

Due to colonization, a lot of First Nations peoples have lost our full and absolute knowledge of these rituals. Despite that fact, we continue to survive and relearn these practices and in channeling my foremothers, ancestors and intuition, I have developed my own moon rituals.

This is an introductory guide and is recommended for "beginners" and those who are wanting to reconnect. I have practiced these ceremonies for over 5 years and I have seen these rituals evolve (as I would suggest each individual do so to suit themselves and their culture) with new cultural and ancestral knowledge.


What you’ll need:

  • Fresh mature eucalyptus leaves or a smudge stick ( smudge sticks available for purchase)

  • An unscented candle (or contained fire)

  • Pen and paper

  • An empty ceramic or metal bowl (if not using a contained fire)

  • A bowl of water



The Ritual

  • I begin my full moon ritual by showering first so that my physical body is clean, making sure to rinse off any hair or body product residue. I usually put on a loose dress (pictured) or top and bottoms so that body isn’t constricted in any way and allows my energy to flow as freely as possible.

  • I then gather my materials and sit outside under the full moonlight in a clean and open space where I can light a fire or have a candle burning. If you’re using a fire pit, make sure that there is only clean firewood (preferably native) in the pit as any man-made/toxic materials may alter the energetic vibration of the fire and smoke and reduce the success of the ritual.

  • Seated facing the Moon, I begin with smudging myself and my materials and lighting the candle. When using a fire I would place fresh eucalyptus leaves into the fire and allow the smoke to cleanse the area. Sometimes I will also put on a Full Moon playlist or binaural beats as I am very auditory based, however if you're lucky enough to be in a place where there is only pure nature sounds then that is perfect.

  • I would now get my pen and paper and write out what I am releasing. For this step, language is key. I think of what I need to release and write it out in present tense. “I am” never “I will”. For example; “I release the negative energies picked up from those around me” or “I am free intergenerational trauma”. List only what you are truly ready to release from your life because sometimes it can be draining to release, even though you are releasing negativities, it is still an energy release. Sometimes it can be something that you carried for a while and as a result of a dealing mechanism, has become a part of your habits or identity, so be mentally and spiritually prepared to be rid of what you are releasing. You may also want to etch onto a candle what you’re releasing. Once I’ve finished writing it all down, at the bottom of the paper I then write “I release and declare this on all planes of existence and all dimensions in space and time”.

  • At this point in my journey of decolonizing, I am currently in the process of writing a releasing ritual song in my native tongue that I would be singing after the previous step and during the next step. If you know a song in your native tongue (or a song that you resonate with) that is releasing for you, this is the time to sing it to your ancestors and to the Moon. Conjure up your ancestral MAJIK.

  • Next, I take the paper (while singing) and light it with the fire or candle, holding it (above the ceramic or metal bowl) in my hand and allowing my energy to flow into the paper to burn down and release. Let go of the paper just before it gets to your fingertips and let the rest of the paper burn in the bowl.

  • Once you have burned all the pieces of paper wash your hands in the bowl of water and then smudge the area and yourself again.

To conclude the releasing ritual, I might dance or sing in gratitude to the Moon for releasing these afflictions.

I give thanks to the Gibam, Grandmother Moon and my ancestors for giving me this knowledge and majik.

I am grateful to be sharing with you my guide to a Full Moon Releasing Ritual and I hope it brings you blessings and clarity.

Peace and Light,


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