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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

So I feel I have to make this announcement not because I care about what others think or because I'm obligated to but purely for the purpose of sharing my story of my journey of knowledge of self. I have been given four names so far in my short lifetime . Through birth, ceremony and finding self-sovereignty. Every name that has been used to identify me has been given by other people and outside influence. I've come to a point in my life where I am now confident to give myself my own name. I will also be rebranding my business as a result of this decision. All names I have been addressed with in the past, and my currently known name for my business no longer serve me or my purpose. Those moniker do not represent my present journey or identity. They speak of past experience that I am acknowledging and shedding the skin of the past. Accepting that it served me at that point on my journey and no longer does. As you may have seen in my gallery or social media, my latest series of artworks, Ngumbu Jarba, are speaking on the rise of the black femme. Raising the voice of hundreds of years of muted Black Womxns screams and in that assertion, empowering myself and the Black Womxn around me. Ngumbu Jarba, the black snake, is the embodiment of the Black Womxn and symbolizes her power. For me, the snake represents life, the snake is a reminder of the cycles of life, and the adversities and achievements we experience. But more importantly, the snake represents the willpower and strength that I see is synonymous with the Black Womxn.



During the process of creating this woven snake, I meditated and called on my maternal ancestors. At the time that I was working on this series, I was residing on beautiful Gumbaynggirr country reconnecting with nature. I was grounded and balanced and a most beautiful thing happened to me. The moment I was done putting the finishing touches on this woven snake, a huge red-bellied black snake appeared. She slithered out from under the house, and just looked over the landscape. I didn't feel fear, all I felt was overwhelming love. Then she took off into the high grass. I knew she came for me, the area I was staying in was not a place where snakes were seen regularly. I knew it was an ancestor sending me a message that I am exactly on the right path and that my future self had gifted me this moment. That it was my time to shed my old skin and come back into my power. I felt her love so deeply that I had to sit down for about an hour and cry with elation. From this encounter, came my new name.

B i n d i m u

~Gugu Yalanji name for the red-bellied black snake.~

Bindimu speaks of the rise of the black femme and the collective evolution and awakening of the human race. It speaks of the constant cycles of life, the ebb and flow and the balance of nature and how we must surrender to that cycle.

We all know, the only constant is change.


As of this full moon, October 25th 2018, myself and my business (Yanbalala) will now be known and addressed as Bindimu.


Thank you for following me on this journey.

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